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Life-long best friends Kaila, Amy, Jenny, and Stephanie have already faced hardships that have changed their lives forever. However, at sixteen years old, the girls continue to struggle further with the harsh realities of life, like death, loss, sickness, abandonment, and addiction. After Kaila's parents die in a tragic car crash, she must learn to cope with her new reality, living without a strong parental figure and facing the world on her own instincts. Amy faces hardships of her own as she struggles to overcome the consequences of her father's alcoholism and abusive tendencies. Years after Jenny's mom abruptly left her family behind, Jenny takes the responsibility of caring for her brothers and her verbally abusive father. Stephanie, after spending a lifetime taking care of her alcoholic, drug addict, sexually promiscuous mother, is forced to struggle through her memories of childhood. While each girl believes herself to be alone in her struggles, they soon learn that, by leaning on each other and turning to faith, life can change dramatically. 


ISBN- 9798663472135

n this second novel of the Prosper series, Kaila, Amy, Jenny, and Stephanie are working through their senior year of high school. With the future approaching fast, the girls must come to terms with the idea of adulthood.


As they prepare to take their individual steps forward, they find themselves looking back at the past. With time working against them, the girls will have to decide whether they can face their new trials with bravery or allow the obstacles of the past to continue to hold them back from their promising futures.


ISBN- 9798663541008

With three years of college already done, Kaila, Amy, Jenny, and Stephanie find that they have learned a lot about themselves in the process of becoming adults. Now that they are grown, each girl finds herself facing the start of a new life. But when young adult responsibilities begin to conflict with their own desires and insecurities, the girls will need faith and one another to decide whether they will be able to conquer their fears or become victim to them once again.

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